Visual Performance Management for your project - New process management at a glance - Creating a workplace that speaks to you

This short course (about 30 minutes) on Visual Performance Management for projects focuses on teaching individuals and teams how to use visual tools and techniques to monitor and improve project performance. It includes a Workbook, Video, Template and One Point Lesson to assist you in implementing this quickly! The course empowers participants to leverage visual performance management techniques to enhance project monitoring, communication, and decision-making. It provides practical skills and knowledge for creating and using visual tools effectively in various project management contexts.

Riaan Du Plooy | Author Level 5

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What you will learn

  • VPM

  • Accountability and tracking actions

  • Data visualization

  • Visual Project tracking

  • Be successful in your projects.

  • Create engagement in your culture

Course Content:

Introduction to Visual Performance Management:
Explanation of what visual performance management is and its significance in project management.
Overview of how visual tools enhance project monitoring.

Key Visual Tools and Techniques:
Introduction to visual tools commonly used in project management, such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and dashboards.
How these tools aid in tracking project progress.

Choosing the Right Visual Tools:
How to select appropriate visual tools based on the project type, size, and complexity.
Considerations for tailoring visuals to your project's needs.

Creating Visual Dashboards:
Design principles for effective project dashboards.
Developing visual dashboards that provide at-a-glance insights into project status.

Implementing Kanban for Project Management:
The basics of Kanban and how it applies to project management.
Setting up and using a Kanban board for project tracking.

Gantt Charts and Project Timelines:
Creating and interpreting Gantt charts for project scheduling.
Identifying critical path and dependencies.

Visualizing Project Metrics:
Tracking and visualizing key project metrics, such as budget, scope, and timeline.
Using color coding and other visual cues to highlight areas needing attention.

Data Visualization Techniques:
How to use data visualization to communicate project performance.
Examples of effective data visualization in project reporting.

Visualizing Risks and Issues:
Identifying and visualizing project risks and issues.
Strategies for addressing and mitigating risks.

Team Collaboration and Communication:
Using visual tools to enhance team collaboration and communication.
Sharing project visuals with stakeholders.

Real-World Case Studies:
Examples of projects that have successfully used visual performance management.
Lessons learned from project visuals.

Customizing Visuals for Your Project:
Tips for tailoring visual tools to your project's unique needs.
Addressing specific project challenges through visuals.

Maintaining Visual Performance Management:
Strategies for sustaining visual performance management throughout the project lifecycle.
Updating and adapting visuals as needed.

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