Value Stream Mapping - Picturing the high level value and flow of the process

This 20-minute short course on Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in Lean Six Sigma can help individuals or teams understand how to create and use value stream maps to analyze and improve processes. Value Stream Mapping is a fundamental tool in Lean Six Sigma for visualizing the entire process and identifying opportunities for waste reduction and process optimization. Includes: Narrated video, Workbook, Template & One Point Lesson! This short course is designed to provide a practical understanding of value stream mapping in Lean Six Sigma and how it can be used to identify opportunities for process improvement, reduce waste, and optimize processes for efficiency.

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What you will learn

  • VSM

  • Understanding key terms and concepts:

  • Process steps and activities

  • Collecting data and information

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Lead time and cycle time

  • Benefits and Objectives of Value Stream Mapping

  • Creating a future state map

Course Content:

Introduction to Value Stream Mapping

Explanation of Value Stream Mapping and its significance in Lean Six Sigma.
The role of value streams in process improvement.
Key Concepts in Value Stream Mapping

Understanding key terms and concepts:
Value-added vs. non-value-added activities
Process steps and activities
Lead time and cycle time
How these concepts relate to value stream mapping.
Benefits and Objectives of Value Stream Mapping

Discussing the benefits of value stream mapping, including waste reduction, improved flow, and customer satisfaction.
Setting objectives and goals for value stream mapping exercises.
Creating Value Stream Maps

Steps to create value stream maps, including:
Selecting the process to map
Collecting data and information
Creating a current state map
Identifying wastes and opportunities
Creating a future state map
Hands-On Value Stream Mapping Exercise

Analyzing Value Stream Maps
Techniques for analyzing value stream maps to identify opportunities for waste reduction and process improvement.
Using value stream maps to quantify and visualize improvements.

Implementing Value Stream Mapping Insights
Strategies for translating value stream mapping findings into actionable improvements.
Creating an action plan and involving the team in the improvement process.

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