The Art of Sampling - Why and how to Sample Data

This 30-minute short course on the Art of Sampling in Lean Six Sigma can help individuals or teams understand the principles and techniques of collecting and analyzing data through sampling methods. Sampling is crucial in Lean Six Sigma as it allows practitioners to draw conclusions about a population based on a representative subset of data. Includes: English Narrated video and Workbook with practical examples This short course is designed to provide a practical understanding of the Art of Sampling in Lean Six Sigma and how to use sampling methods effectively to collect and analyze data for informed decision-making.

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What you will learn

  • Sampling

  • Sampling Process

  • Ensuring randomness and representativeness

  • Steps in designing a sampling plan:

  • Collecting data

  • Problem solving

Course Content:

Introduction to Sampling in Lean Six Sigma

Explanation of the importance of sampling in data collection and analysis.
The role of sampling in making informed decisions.
Key Concepts in Sampling

Understanding key terms and concepts:
Population vs. sample
Sampling methods (random sampling, stratified sampling, etc.)
Sample size determination
How these concepts relate to sampling in Lean Six Sigma.
Sampling Planning and Design

Steps in designing a sampling plan:
Defining the population of interest
Setting objectives and goals for sampling
Selecting an appropriate sampling method
Determining the required sample size
Hands-On Sample Size Calculation

Participants work through practical exercises to calculate sample sizes for different scenarios.
Discussing factors that influence sample size determination.
Sampling Techniques and Methods

Overview of various sampling techniques and methods, including random sampling, systematic sampling, and stratified sampling.
Choosing the right technique for different situations.
Sampling Process

Detailed steps for conducting a sampling process:
Defining the sampling frame
Selecting samples
Collecting data
Ensuring randomness and representativeness

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