Project Sponsor - Blue Belt Certification

In this short course that should take about 10 hrs to complete, you will learn to become a valuable Leader and Manager who supports and knows how to manage both Yellow and Green Belt Projects as a professional. The course includes Templates, Narrated videos with English subtitles, a Workbook, One Point Lessons and much more! A Project Sponsor is a senior-level individual who champions a project, providing vision, resources, and support. They develop the business case, allocate resources, manage stakeholders, and make critical decisions. The Sponsor oversees risk management, project governance, and ensures effective communication. They monitor progress, report to higher management, and assist in change management. At project closure, they ensure proper sign-off and evaluate success. Their active involvement and commitment are vital for project success, aligning the project with organizational goals and stakeholder interests.

Riaan Du Plooy | Author Level 5

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What you will learn

  • Project Sponsor

  • Leadership Development

  • Sustainable Results

  • Review and Approve Project Charters and Plans

  • Understanding Lean Six Sigma Principles

  • Champion

  • Resource Management

  • Remove Obstacles

  • Basic Overview of Yellow and Green Information

  • Ensure that Lean Six Sigma Efforts Align with Organizational Goals

Project Sponsor: The Project Sponsor is typically a senior leader or executive within an organization who plays a crucial role in the success of Lean Six Sigma projects. While they may not go through the same certification process as Green Belts or Black Belts, they do receive training or education in Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools.
Their primary responsibilities include:

Providing the necessary resources, including funding and personnel, for Lean Six Sigma projects.
Removing obstacles and barriers that may hinder project progress.
Reviewing and approving project charters and plans.
Ensuring that the project aligns with the organization's strategic goals.
Supporting and championing the project within the organization.
The training and education for Project Sponsors often focus on understanding Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies, as well as the critical role they play in project success. This training may be provided by organizations or consulting firms specializing in Lean Six Sigma.

Champion: Lean Six Sigma Champions are individuals, often at the management or leadership level, who actively promote and support Lean Six Sigma initiatives within an organization.
They should have a strong understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles and be capable of:

Identifying potential improvement opportunities.
Selecting and prioritizing projects.
Appointing and supporting project leaders (Green Belts and Black Belts).
Monitoring project progress and results.
Ensuring that Lean Six Sigma efforts align with organizational goals.
Champions serve as advocates for Lean Six Sigma and help create a culture of continuous improvement within their organizations.

This certification ensures that Leaders can provide, manage and support Yellow and Green Belt projects and Improvement efforts to ensure sustainable results by us providing checklists and guides on stage gate meetings to ensure all necessary steps have been completed.

Become a global Leader today!

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4 Reviews

Aakarsh Sharma

5 months ago

Information was presented well and in a clear and concise manner

Scott Gregory MacLean

5 months ago

Satisfactory & Educational

Carlos Ortiz

5 months ago

This provides a great overview on your journey as a new project sponsor! Take this course!

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