Load leveling - Heijunka - Smoothing out volatile workload

This short course on Load Leveling, often referred to as Heijunka in Lean Six Sigma, focuses on teaching individuals and teams how to smooth and balance production or workflow to eliminate variability, reduce overproduction, and enhance efficiency. Included: English narrated video, workbook and One Point Lesson! The course equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to implement load leveling (Heijunka) effectively within their Lean Six Sigma projects and processes. It emphasizes practical aspects of balancing production or workflow to enhance efficiency and responsiveness to customer demand while minimizing waste.

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What you will learn

  • Leveling the load

  • Smooth out production

  • Employee Training and Engagement

  • Changeover Reduction

  • Mixed-Model Production

  • Minimize waste

  • Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

  • Quality Control in Load Leveling

  • Capacity Planning and Flexibility

  • Production Smoothing Techniques

Course Content:

Introduction to Load Leveling (Heijunka) in Lean Six Sigma:
Understanding the concept and importance of Heijunka.
How load leveling aligns with Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies.

Benefits of Load Leveling:
Exploring the advantages of smoothing production or workflow, including reduced waste, improved customer satisfaction, and cost savings.

Load Leveling Principles:
Key principles and considerations in load leveling, including takt time, work sequence, and production stability.

Takt Time Calculation:
Understanding takt time as the heartbeat of production.
Calculating takt time to match customer demand.

Work Sequence and Batch Size Reduction:
Strategies for optimizing work sequences and reducing batch sizes.
Minimizing overproduction and inventory.

Kanban Systems for Load Leveling:
Implementing Kanban systems to signal production and maintain flow.
Pull-based production and Just-in-Time (JIT) principles.

Production Smoothing Techniques:
Techniques for smoothing production schedules and minimizing production fluctuations.
Implementing production smoothing boards.

Mixed-Model Production:
Introduction to mixed-model production and its role in load leveling.
Balancing production of multiple product variants.

Visual Management for Load Leveling:
Incorporating visual cues, Andon systems, and status boards to enhance load leveling operations.
Real-time monitoring and problem identification.

Capacity Planning and Flexibility:
Assessing and adjusting production capacity to match customer demand.
Strategies for maintaining flexibility in load leveling.

Changeover Reduction and Standardized Work:
Reducing changeover times to enable quicker response to demand changes.
Developing standardized work instructions for load leveling processes.

Quality Control in Load Leveling:
Implementing quality control measures and mistake-proofing devices.
Reducing defects and rework in load leveled processes.

Employee Training and Engagement:
Training employees on load leveling principles and techniques.
Involving employees in the load leveling process and decision-making.

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement:
Implementing performance metrics and monitoring systems for load leveling.
Encouraging a culture of continuous improvement in load leveling.

Customizing Load Leveling for Your Organization:
Tailoring load leveling principles and techniques to suit the specific needs and context of your organization or industry.
Addressing industry-specific requirements.

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