Data Analysis - Scatter plot + chi square - What is the effect of THIS cause on THAT effect

This quick 20 minute short course on Data Analysis focusing on Scatter plots and Chi-Square analysis is designed to introduce participants to these specific techniques for analyzing data. This course is quite high-level and simplified for all to understand and utilize! We provide a practical introduction to two essential data analysis techniques: scatter plots for visualizing relationships between variables and Chi-Square analysis for testing the independence of categorical variables or goodness of fit. It combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on exercises to ensure participants can apply these techniques effectively in their work or research.

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What you will learn

  • Chi Square

  • Goodness of Fit

  • Interpreting Chi-Square results.

  • What is the Chi-Square test?

  • Scatter Plot

  • Test of Independence

  • Understanding the contingency table.

  • What is a scatter plot?

Course Content:

Introduction to Data Analysis

Brief overview of the importance of data analysis.
Introduction to key data analysis techniques.

Understanding Scatter Plots
What is a scatter plot?
When to use scatter plots.
Creating and interpreting scatter plots.
Identifying trends, patterns, and correlations in scatter plots.
Hands-On Practice: Creating Scatter Plots

Participants work with sample datasets to create scatter plots.
Discussing practical examples and insights derived from the plots.
Introduction to Chi-Square Analysis

What is the Chi-Square test?
Types of Chi-Square tests (Chi-Square Test of Independence and Chi-Square Goodness of Fit).
When and why to use Chi-Square tests.
Chi-Square Test of Independence

Understanding the contingency table.
Calculating Chi-Square statistic.
Interpreting Chi-Square results.

Chi-Square Test of Independence
Participants perform Chi-Square tests using sample data.
Discussing the significance of the results and drawing conclusions.

Chi-Square Goodness of Fit
Introduction to Chi-Square Goodness of Fit test.
Steps to perform the test.
Interpretation of results.
Real-world examples.

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