Data Analysis - p-Value - Significant results, or pure luck

A 15-minute short course on p-values in Lean Six Sigma can help individuals or teams understand the significance of p-values in hypothesis testing and statistical analysis, which is an important aspect of Lean Six Sigma methodology. P-values are used to assess the strength of evidence against a null hypothesis. Included: Narrated Video & Workbook This short course is designed to provide a practical understanding of p-values in the context of Lean Six Sigma.

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What you will learn

  • P-Value

  • The relationship between p-values and statistical significance

  • Making decisions based on p-values.

  • What is a p-value?

  • Hypothesis Testing Process

Course Content:

Introduction to P-Values in Lean Six Sigma:

Explanation of p-values and their role in Lean Six Sigma:
The importance of hypothesis testing in process improvement.

Hypothesis Testing Basics:
Review of key concepts: null hypothesis (H0) and alternative hypothesis (H1).
Types of hypothesis tests (e.g., t-tests, chi-square tests).
When and why to use hypothesis tests.

Interpreting P-Values:
What is a p-value?
The relationship between p-values and statistical significance.
Interpreting p-values in the context of Lean Six Sigma projects.

Significance Levels and Critical Values
Explaining significance levels (alpha).
Determining critical values for hypothesis tests.
Setting appropriate significance levels for Lean Six Sigma projects.

Hypothesis Testing Process:
Step-by-step procedure for hypothesis testing.
Conducting hypothesis tests using p-values.
Making decisions based on p-values.

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