5S - A full kit to create a culture of workplace efficiency and discipline - getting organized

This 1-hour short course on the "5S Facilitator Guide in Lean Six Sigma" is designed to train individuals who will act as facilitators to lead and support 5S implementation within their organizations. The role of a 5S facilitator is crucial in ensuring the successful adoption and sustainment of the 5S principles, which focus on workplace organization, cleanliness, and standardization. Included: English narrated videos, Workbook, Templates and One Point Lessons! Everything you need to be successful in organizing your workplace. From Chaos to calm.. The course equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead and facilitate 5S implementation within their organizations. Facilitators will play a critical role in driving workplace organization, improving efficiency, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement through the application of 5S principles.

Riaan Du Plooy | Author Level 5

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What you will learn

  • 5S

  • Calm things down

  • We don't work at the FBI!

  • Leadership and Change Management

  • Why we Shine BEFORE we Set!

  • Reduce waste

  • Make things easy to find

  • Sustaining your results

  • Problem-solving culture

Course Content:

Introduction to 5S Facilitation:
Understanding the role and responsibilities of a 5S facilitator.
The importance of 5S in Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement.

Overview of 5S:
A comprehensive review of the 5S principles: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain.
The benefits of each S and their impact on workplace efficiency.

Preparing for 5S Implementation:
Assessing the current state of the workplace.
Developing a clear plan for implementing 5S.

Leading the Sort Phase:
In-depth guidance on how to lead the sorting process.
Strategies for involving employees and making sorting decisions.

Leading the Shine Phase:
How to lead and organize cleaning activities.
Encouraging a culture of cleanliness and orderliness.

Leading the Set in Order Phase:
Facilitating the organization and arrangement of items in the workplace.
Strategies for optimizing workflow and accessibility.

Leading the Standardize Phase:
Creating and documenting standardized work procedures.
Implementing visual controls and labeling.

Leading the Sustain Phase:
Strategies for sustaining 5S improvements over the long term.
Developing auditing and monitoring processes.

Communication and Employee Engagement:
Effective communication strategies for engaging employees in 5S initiatives.
Overcoming resistance and fostering a sense of ownership.

Problem-Solving and Continuous Improvement:
Techniques for identifying and addressing issues that arise during 5S implementation.
Encouraging continuous improvement in workplace organization.

Visual Management for 5S:
Incorporating visual cues, signage, and visual boards to support 5S efforts.
Using visual management to communicate standards and expectations.

Training and Skill Development:
Strategies for training team members in 5S principles and practices.
Developing the skills necessary for effective 5S implementation.

Metrics and Performance Evaluation:
Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring 5S success.
Conducting regular assessments and audits.

Documentation and Reporting:
Creating and maintaining records of 5S activities and improvements.
Preparing reports for management and stakeholders.

Leadership and Change Management:
The role of leadership in supporting and sustaining 5S initiatives.
Strategies for managing change and creating a 5S-friendly culture.

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Surjit Singh

1 week ago

5S is simple yet very difficult to implement .This is a great course which explain how to achieve success by implementing 5S in a systematic and practical context

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