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The 8 Wastes in your business and life..

Created by Cannsult in Articles 19/08/2022
The 8 Wastes in your business and life..
One thing to know about waste is that it is fantastic at camouflage and blends really well into our processes.

Waste Calculation

When you track it and measure it, you'll quickly see this seemingly harmless little bit of waste multiples over weeks, months, and years. It sucks the dollars out of your profit and the precious time and energy out of employees. Below is a real-life calculation from an organization who identified waste in the seemingly innocuous task of walking back-and-forth from the printer...

Sometimes, waste is SO embedded in our processes, that visualizing it on a process map is the best way to SEE it! It can be especially challenging if the person searching for the waste has been in that position and that environment for a very long time. Therefore, a crucial part of identifying waste is to first map out the process you are focusing on, giving the whole team an actual visual of the process

flow. In Cannsult's 8 waste course, we walk you through a real-life example from a government agency working to find waste in their job posting process. Our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts helped them put together a process map, where the team worked with them identified waste on the physical map (spoiler alert! Every stickie dot, pink stickie and purple stickie indicates waste!).

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