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Remarkable Results in Education with Lean Six Sigma

Created by Cannsult in Learning Management System 19/08/2022
Remarkable Results in Education with Lean Six Sigma
In spite of the complexity of these systems, most efforts to improve ignore the importance of quantitative methods to deliver meaningful and sustainable solutions.

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Our objective, as with all industries and types of organizations, is to utilize a framework that will help educational decision-makers and teams to clearly understand problems and opportunities and to have the competence to apply proven methods to truly make things better. No single solution is applicable across the broad spectrum of school settings. However, Lean Six Sigma provides a unified method that allows the educational teams to create sustainable solutions for their own particular contexts. Two decades of experience in applying Lean Six Sigma demostrate how this improvement method (that originated in manufacturing) can have dramatic results in education - something that hits home to absolutely everyone.

Most organizations including schools and school systems are constantly working on solving problems and better ways of working. The question is not whether you're working on it - we know that you are! The question is how effective are your efforts. Are the issues getting rapidly resolved? Are students developing? Are they learning and becoming more competent? Are they happier? Are the parents and caregivers engaged and aligned? Is the staff engaged and feeling like they have a fulfilling work life? If not, then it's time for a proven method to make those ideals a reality.

Implementing Lean Six Sigma means that practices are in place to provide direction and support to a small but critical number of certified problem-solving spe

cialists sprinkled throughout the organization. This may sound daunting and costly. But, it shouldn't be! If the implementation is a disruptive and massive undertaking, it's not bein

g done right! The implementation of Lean Six Sigma should be the epitome of a highly efficient process with exceptional results.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Here, we discuss the 4 high-level steps to a Lean Six Sigma implementation in a school or school system:

A very powerful feature of a Lean Six Sigma implementation is the creation of an infrastructure to assure that performance improvement activities have the necessary resources. Everyone in your organization doesn’t need to be a certified Lean Six Sigma expert. But in order to succeed and to get the greatest return, there has to be a support system. Some experts estimate that failure to provide this infrastructure is the #1 reason why improvement efforts fail. The Lean Six Sigma infrastructure makes improvement and change the full-time job of a small but critical percentage of the organization’s personnel. And then supplements the full-timers with just enough expertise and support system to make it all work.

Some experts estimate that failure to provide this infrastructure is the #1 reason why improvement efforts fail.

Step 1: Discovery & Planning

Understand Organizational Goals and Current Scenario and Align the organization with Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification

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